Quality assurance

Reliability is measureable

Quality pays for itself

As a manufacturer of high-precision internal- and surface broaching tools we are measured by the quality of our products. To ensure these high precision and quality standards each round of our production begins with the CAD construction, passes through a CAM supported CNC manufacturing process and ends with the final check, where all functional parameters are checked.

This quality standards, in according to ISO-9001:2008 / VDA6 Part 4, have been confirmed through regular audits since 1997.


  • Walter-Freitag-Straße 32
    D-42899 Remscheid

  • Tel. +49 (0) 2191. 94 53 - 0

  • Fax. +49 (0) 2191. 94 53 - 50

  • E-Mail. info[at]august-berghaus[dot]de

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